Gøgøl: Exploring Absence

Cover: Sven Spieker - Gogol Exploring AbsenceSven Spieker (ed.), Gøgøl: Exploring Absence (Bloomington: Slavica, 2000)

The book explores the theme of absence in Gøgøl's works. Its working premise is that in Gøgøl's writing the unsayable and the sayable cannot be viewed in isolation from each other; in order to understand either, we have to examine the other. Includes essays by Boris Groys, Renate Lachmann, Mikhail Epstein, Michael Holquist, Mikhail Yampolsky, Sven Spieker, and others. Also includes the last article by Yurii Lotman, written specifically for this volume and published here posthumously.


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