Sven Spieker teaches in the Department of Germanic and Slavic Studies and the Comparative Literature Program at the University of California, Santa Barbara. He specializes in modern and contemporary art, aesthetic and critical theory, and global and transnational art and art history. His books and articles have appeared in English, German, Korean, Spanish, Russian, Swedish, Albanian, and Polish. Spieker is a co-founder of the Working Group on Cultures of World Socialism, and the founding editor of ARTMargins. His latest book publication is an edited volume devoted to the relationship between art and destruction (Destruction, MIT Press/Whitechapel Gallery, 2017). Current book projects include a co-edited volume devoted to acousmatics in culture (Akusmatik als Labor, with Mario Asef, forthcoming in 2022) and another entitled Socialist Exhibition Cultures. International Art Exhibitions in the Socialist World, 1950-1990.